What Some Of Our Athletes Say

"What I absolutely adore and admire about Team All-American is the philosophy and technique you use with imagery. I am totally enrolled in your teachings. Excellent work!” – Krystal Mercado

"I can't wait to wake up and work out. Every workout is unique. A genius in their profession. I look and feel my best and can operate at 150 percent of my capability!" – Robert Pachter

"Scott is a dynamic, driven and goal-oriented coach who has been instrumental in not only my long-distance running development but also my personal growth. As an aspiring Boston Marathon qualifier, Coach Scott has set the tone from the first time we spoke to present day focused on authentic communication, personal accountability and not over-coaching. He gives an athlete all the tools needed to succeed and leaves it up to the athlete. He does not babysit or tell me what I want to hear, he always tells me what I need to hear to improve. Coach Scott would be an invaluable addition to any coaching staff no matter the sport because his skills and training, in my opinion, translate seamlessly across the sports spectrum." - Drew Griffin

"Thank you for inspiring me and motivating me every day in every way. Since we started, my life has changed in every way, physically, mentally and spiritually. When I think I’m good, you dare me to be great. Nike may have created “just do it” but you embody it. Every part of me is better for knowing you. Sometimes “thank you,” says it all so THANK YOU." – Jonny Podell

"Scott is one of the most goal-driven persons I've met in my life. I signed up for his training program for runners in June 2014 and have since successfully raced distances from 3000m to marathons. Scott truly cares for his athletes and wants them to succeed to their best ability. Besides athletic performance, his focus is on keeping athletes injury free by adjusting the program individually and pointing out activities that might lead to injury (too many races, too little recovery, bad nutrition, ...). He makes himself available for phone calls whenever necessary, especially before big races in order to discuss the entire race strategy." - Henrik Wist

"Scott is an excellent Coach. I have worked with him for that last 4 years and have seen significant improvement in my results both physically and mentally through confidence. Scott has trained me through 9 marathons (including 4 Boston marathons) and numerous other races. He provides a customized approach that goes beyond a running schedule. His guidance during challenging times has been the most critical including an injury and prior to running significant races. He provides coaching backed with science, statistics, and stories which are highly effective. There is no doubt, I am a stronger runner, athlete, and person because of Scott." - Jenna McHugh

"Scott is a true professional in a multitude of ways! Not only is he an innovator in the world of training and coaching, he lives what he teaches. His passion for running and conditioning translates into extraordinary results for his clients. But Scott doesn't stop with training his own clients, he's a visionary and thought leader for the fitness and athletic industry as a whole. His leadership in training and coaching fitness professionals and gym owners is creating a stronger, more robust industry standard." - Michelle Hill

"Scott Fishman is a great professional and coach. His company teaches life lessons through sports. If you’ve got a dream, if you’ve got an athletic goal, his company Team All-American will help you get there. I’ve known Scott for some years and his hard work, dedication, love for sports and expert knowledge set him apart from other trainers." - Brandon Okpalobi

"Recently, I completed the ING Miami Half Marathon, and without the help of Scott this personal accomplishment would not have been possible. He is a respectable and dedicated trainer whom certainly devotes countless hours to fulfill the needs of a client. He designed a running program for me and was always concerned about my progress and improvements. Additionally, Scott is an inspirational guru in the field of fitness and athletic performance." - Jose Llorens

"I met Scott for the 1st time seven years ago. He is an extremely motivated and inspirational human being. He always has others best interest at heart. His knowledge of sports and training is a great asset for those who work with and beside him. I wish Scott was here in Chicago so that I've had the privilege to work with him more. I would recommend Scott to those that I love most, my family and friends because I know they'd be in great hands." - Jen Taylor

"Scott is a passionate, committed coach who is focused on integrity and excellence."- Sue Gilad

"Scott Fishman, founder of All-American is a goal driven fitness professional with an amazing entrepreneurial spirit whose energy and passion are contagious. All-American Academies combines the most state-of-the-art training programs with the world’s highest quality nutraceuticals. I highly recommend Scott for anyone seeking customized training programs, fitness evaluations and full health assessment needs." - Maria Klein Holdren

"Scott is a team player, with great work ethic." - Eyo Effiong

"Prior to working out with Team All-American, I had never trained one-on-one. I play basketball, run and am physically fit, but working out on my own had become routine and boring. I wasn't seeing any results despite all the time and effort I was putting into my workouts. When someone overheard my complaints, they recommended Team All-American for training. Team All-American has shown me the benefits of training one-on-one and because of them, I have re-dedicated myself to a training regimen that is working. Each workout with Team All-American is different and challenges me in a new way. Every time that I train with Team All-American, I want to be great, not just good, because I know that Team All-American's training method produces results. Physically and mentally, I am reinvigorated after my workout. I can say without hesitation that Team All-American is motivational and I have seen the difference."   – Larry Lipman

“Team All-American teaches specialized programs for each individual athlete. Every athlete is different, so their programs are specialized for your body characteristics and abilities.” – Amner Pereira, Triathlete

"I thought I knew it all when it came to working out. However, after going through my regimen with Team All-American, I realized that there is so much more out there! Team All-American provides an in-depth, one-on-one approach when it comes to fitness and physical performance. Team All-American's cast of athletic professionals cater around all types of unique athletes. Whether it's slimming down into your summer dress or mapping out an intense training program for a triathlon, Team All-American will come up with a game plan for you. Team All-American places a premium on helping you achieve your physical and life goals. I have personally seen the results and I highly recommend Team All-American all the way!" –Arash Najafi

"When I first started working with Team All American I was a bit skeptical about how much working with a personal trainer could change my body and the way I worked out. Since working with Team All-American I have become excited about my workouts and I noticed in just 5 sessions how much my body changed. I am in the physical fitness industry and have worked relentlessly for over two years on toning my body, but nothing has changed my physique as much as working one on one with a trainer. Team All-American's dedication and focus is unparalleled in the fitness industry. I truly feel like I am getting a unique customized workout. I would highly recommend Team All-American to anyone!" – Danielle Havasy